Monday, February 9, 2015

Social Justice in the News: Doctor Assisted Suicide and Peace Activism

Almost daily there are issues in the news that touch on issues of social justice and the common good. Today there are two issues that caught my attention.

First, was the decision by the Supreme Court of Canada on Friday about the complex issue of doctor assisted suicide.  There are no clear answers to this question, but the Supreme Court has placed the issue firmly into the public domain.  The CBC has done some good reporting on this issue here. National Post columnist Andrew Coyne has written a very good column questioning where the Supreme Court decision will likely lead.  Spiritual leaders have weighed in with some very important questions pertaining to how doctor assisted suicide challenges the common good.  Meanwhile the social movement Dying with Dignity has defended the decision and outlined some of the important issues moving forward. Also, the John Gormley show (podcast) had a very good discussion (with Saskatchewan callers weighing in) on the importance and challenges arising from the decision.  If you see other viewpoints, please let me know and I'll post them here.

The second issue arose right here in Saskatchewan.  A group of peace activists with Peace Quest are marching on the provincial legislature today demanding an end to school programs that give educational credit for military training. You can read about that here. Where do you stand on this question? Does military training in high school curricula contribute to the common good? Or does it violate principles of social justice?

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