Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Immigration and the Common Good

There is no question that immigration plays a central role in any country that claims to be open, free and democratic.  In Canada, immigration has become vital to maintaining the overall standard of living while contributing to a culture that officially celebrates multicultural diversity.  While there are many issues that arise from Canada's policy of multiculturalism (i.e. is it a policy that celebrates diversity or a tool of assimilation?) the general consensus is that those wishing to immigrate to Canada should be given the means to do so in a fair and equal way.  It is thus somewhat surprising that Canada is now officially experimenting with an immigration policy that fast tracks immigration files based on significant amounts of money.  You can read about that here.  What does this policy tell the world about immigration to Canada? Does it contribute to social justice or the common good? Or is it, as the story suggests a "cash for citizenship" policy that favours people based on wealth?

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