Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Supreme Court of Canada

Yesterday, the Prime Minister made his newest appointment to the Supreme Court of Canada.  By all accounts, the appointment of Marc Nadon is controversial. By not addressing the gender balance, Mr. Harper has signalled that he will not seek to make Canadian institutions more equitable by adequately reflecting the makeup of the population. The problem, of course, goes deeper than just the makeup of the judiciary.  By not appointing a more balanced court, it is impossible to imagine how structural inequality can be addressed through Canadian political institutions.  Moreover, as the Global and Mail suggested today, this appointment signals an ideological shift to the right. That observation seems to derive (according to the National Post) from Nadaon's dissent in the Omar Khadr repatriation case.  Is it legitimate for a government to appoint supreme court justices for ideological reasons?  What would a just appointment look like?

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